Ever since I came back to Malta after spending 2 years in Denmark, I noticed that although the game development scene in Malta was slowly growing, people still seemed to be disconnected with what was happening locally. People weren’t aware of other people in the country that were also making games. This was especially noticeable […]

Game Spaces, Maltese Places

m4s0n501 Yesterday, I attended an amazing session about social spaces for games by Kunal Gupta from Babycastles, as well as an awesome game session involving Hokra and J. S. Joust by Doug Wilson. But before I go into an interesting discussion about what Kunal Gupta presented and how I think it is highly relevant to […]

ICTSA Programming Competition 2011

I decided to take part in the ICTSA programming competition, which is renowned for having challenging problems to solve, along with a friend of mine. The problem that was released this year (described in full at the competition site) involved a robot that could traverse a map, containing different altitude values. The aim of the […]

A Literature Review

Since I’m in my final year, I’m currently undertaking a task that every final year ICT student must take; the thesis. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. My chosen title is Information Extraction Over the Internet for a Dynamic Game, which involves heavy reading about the semantic web and about content generation […]

Hello World!

This is a long overdue blog post for my website, the first in hopefully a series of many more blog posts. Welcome to the blog section of my website! Although the rest of the website is dedicated to showcasing portfolio material, this section serves to demonstrate my thoughts and ideas, the inner workings of a […]